We are the Solution!

Management, innovation and technology besides events management and organization are the main focus of our company.

solutions... the thing that we focus on!

migfrade_Solutions was born on 2011 as company focused mainly in event management and organization.
Through the years, and many happy customers after we decided to evolve and focus on delivering the best solutions from management challenges, export advising, project management and events.
Today we are blessed to be working on various geographies and with great clients.


Which are your real challenges?
We work you with from the ground up to design and deliver the right solution for your business.
Whether it's a business and management challenge, a technological one or an event to organize.

Integrative Work

Designing solutions only it's not quite enough.
Only with a 360 degree view of the business and with the integration of all the company's team, we can achieve a long term growth.


Do you want to grow your business globally?
With a high skilled team, with more than 10 years making business happen all over the world, you will reach higher grounds.


Our goal is to make you transform and elevate your business and company, so you can make more for your employees, for your clients and partners and for yourself.


Rest assured... Your business will never be the same!

Business, Management and Innovation

Highly profissional team, especialized on international business, which assures you the best international grow.


There are many challenges that companies face today. Whether management or commercial, these often represent opportunities.
We contribute, with a team of over 10 years of national and international experience in business and project management, so that you can overcome these challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

Highly experienced team

Corporate Events

Corporate events are an essential component of any organization. We guarantee the entire process, from conception, design, sound and video equipment, livestreaming, decoration, management team, guests, presenter… Turnkey. Therefore, and because we have a team that has already organized events for over 15,000 people, we guarantee that they will be simply memorable.
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Training, Workshops, congresses, executive meetings

Professional and specialized team, which guarantees the "Wow" factor in this type of event.